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exalt THIS. [13 Aug 2003|04:47am]

Attention, plebians!

I've started a new community.

I must warn you that I don't expect many of you to be interested: it's kind of a *special interests* community. That is not to say there are any stipulations on joining, because everyone is free to join and post, and come and go as they please.

Anyway, it is called exalted_my_ass, and I am calling it rationality's answer to livejournal's "premiere" picture-rating community, the_exalted.

Because seriously. Exalted my ass.

If you haven't seen the_exalted, I suggest you check it out if you have an interest in my new community. While I don't typically have any qualms about people wanted their pictures rated by internet people, I find the nerve of this community both horrifying and hilarious.
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[06 Jun 2003|08:14pm]


Due to a growing demand to share your own thoughts and my not wanting to look like a commie, anyone can now post to avant_tard.

Go wild!
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Interests that make you go "Yeah Right". [01 Jun 2003|11:00pm]

The esteemed lusty_margarita recently drew my attention to an alarming thread running through many of avant_tarded livejournalists' factsheets.

That is, totally ridiculous interests.

It seems as if once they've listed their 10 favorite bands, and 5 favorite movies, they realize they still have 135 interests to go in order to fill up that field of the profile page.

They then have two choices. They can either start listing things normal people ALSO might like (stargazing, kissing), thus risking their position as elitists, or they can pluck shit out of obscurity to make themselves look cool, eclectic, and intelligent.

"Door Number Two!" they cry in unison.

Below is a short list I've compiled of some of the more ridiculous things some kids claim to be interested in. (Some of them come second in their absurdity only to actually listing one's self as interest, which some of them also have the nerve to do.)

old volvos (There is nothing hot chicks love more than old Volvos!)

throbbing gristle (Is this a penis euphemism?)

can (Eh?)

periodic tables (I'm guessing this livejournalist's alleged interest in the periodic tables doesn't extend far beyond a penchant for Claire's faux gold and faux silver.)

descartes (lusty_margarita made a really funny comment about this, but I forgot what it was.)

I'm afraid many of the lame interests I found are actually names of bands I haven't heard of, so I'm hesitant to list them. (For instance, either there is a band called "au pairs" or there are several avant_tards who like nannies a lot.)

It's not like those bands have any staying power anyway, which brings me to people who list sucky bands that will be forgotten in a year as interests.

They're lame too!
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Hip, stylin', and completely clueless. [07 Feb 2003|12:47am]

They're big. They're bad. They're mod. They're rad. They're... not any of those things, really, except in their livejournals.

And we like to make fun of them.

They are hipsters and indie rockers. They are amateur photographers and narcissists. They are scenesters and poseurs. They are the dreamers. They are the loudmouths. They are the idiots.

They're drama queens.

This community was created to celebrate them in all of their histrionic glory. You probably know at least a few of them. They like things like white belts and self portraits and dippy pseudo-mod haircuts. They are the few, the melodramatic, the self-obsessed, the lame.

These people desperately need your love and attention. If you're feeling compassionate, you can go give it to them. Or you can stay here with us and have a good giggle.

We won't tell. We promise.

Please add this community as a friend if you'd like to get in on the action.
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